Full Swing

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One of the ways that I know that it’s the new year is when I realize that competition season has begun.  The only big difference is, unlike previous years when I was still competing for Stanford, I personally will not be competing as much.  This is because for all the non-collegiate gymnasts, there are only a select few meets per year.  On the other hand, the college guys compete almost every weekend, whether it be for dual meets, or a bigger invitational where more than two teams will go against each other.  I like the fact that I get some time off in between meets to recover and get strong again, but at the same time, I slightly miss traveling to a different location every weekend and competing with my teammates.

Speaking of competitions, I just got back from judging a junior-level competition yesterday.  It was my first judging assignment for this season so it was great to see all the gymnasts and the coaches again.  With training and work in full swing, and a couple of judging assignments here and there, the next couple of months will be fairly busy.  However, I’m definitely looking forward to all the events that are coming up.

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