Good 'Ol Day at the Ballpark

Good ‘Ol Day at the Ballpark

23 May shonakamori No Comments »

For those of you that don’t already know, I’m a huge baseball fan.  That said, I’m so glad I finally got an off day to just relax and have fun at the ball park!  It was a good way to clear my mind.  I think the awesome weather helped!

The match up was Giants vs the A’s.  I’m a bay area native and although you’re not officially supposed to like both teams, I do, so it was basically a win-win situation for me.  One of the teams is gonna end up winning right?

In the end the A’s won, which was actually nice to see since they had a pretty long losing streak going on at AT&T park.  Good times and to make things even more awesome is I got a Brian Wilson lawn gnome.  Check out pics below :)

Such a nice day and awesome view of the Bay Bridge. Had to get a shot since I was there for the Bay Bridge Series of course.

I guess it was 12:05 when I took the picture :)

Nosebleed seats but super nice view of the park and the bay.

The ridiculously long line to get the lawn gnome. I heard that some people were there for over 4 hours!

Got one! You don't Gno-Me!

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