Pleasant Surprise

Pleasant surprise!  Today my old coach, Yoshi Hatakeda came to visit!  I knew that he was coming but completely forgot about the exact date so I was very surprised when he walked into the gym.

As I introduced before (check out: Sho’s Coaches Part 3), Yoshi was my coach for a short time when I was younger.  He is currently coaching in Japan at Japan Sports Science University, which is also the home to Kohei Uchimura who won the silver in the all-around in Beijing.  The team also recently won the collegiate championship held a few weeks ago.  In fact, they’re so strong that they beat the second place team by over 10 points!!!

Anyway, it was great seeing him and reconnecting with him.  Can’t wait to visit Japan again to get some tips from my former coaches that are out there.  Japan is such a strong team right now and there’s a lot of stuff that we can learn from them “gymnastically.”

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