Recovery Phase

Recovery Phase

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With USA Championships approaching in a couple of weeks, the main focus of my training has taken a slight shift.  While getting through the grind was the main focus over the last several weeks, I’ve now entered the recovery phase. This is the phase when I let my body rebound a bit so that I’m ready to take on the two full days of intense competition.

One of my biggest supporters that’s been helping me achieve this is Jacon Chun at Elite Sports Physical Therapy.  I’ve mentioned him a few posts back but I can’t be more appreciative for all that he’s been doing for me.  From the everyday pains to caring for aches related to overuse, his support has been tremendous, and a huge part of why I’ve been able to keep up with my training cycles.

Below is a picture from a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to fix a jammed finger.  Apparently using paraffin was to treat jammed fingers is fairly common but it was the first time I’ve used it so it was definitely rather interesting.  Either way, he’s got a ton of cool tricks up his sleeve to keep me in the best health possible!

Warming up my hand with the wax!

A couple more weeks to go.  Looking ahead but keeping it one day at a time!

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