Regionals/Gym Update

Regionals/Gym Update

12 Apr shonakamori No Comments »

This’ll be another busy week for me.  Everything will be pretty much the same until Wednesday, but on Wednesday night I’ll be leaving to go down to San Diego.  I’ll be there to judge and coach the boys at the Regional Championships.  It’ll be four full days of  gymnastics but it’ll be exciting nonetheless.  Now that I think about it, I haven’t been down in San Diego since I competed in my first regionals when I was 8 years old!  That’s a pretty long time considering I’m out of college and all.  Looking back, I remember being super nervous and having a terrible meet.  I think I put too much pressure on myself because my dad told me that he would buy me a video game if I won first place.  Anyway, It’s funny to think that I’m going back there for the same competition, but this time as a judge and a coach.

2010 Region 1 Championships Logo

As far as things in the gym, they’re definitely coming along.  After getting the green light from the doctor last week, I’ve been gradually trying new things with my legs during practice.  The other day I did a double-back off of the pbars.  I won’t lie about it feeling a bit weird considering I haven’t done a dismount in over 8 months, but there wasn’t any pain.  I’m hoping that my knee will start to feel more comfortable as time goes by.

Also as soon as I get my custom brace delievered, I should be able to start doing a little more.  The other day,  I went back to the hospital to get sized up for it.  Overall, it was an interesting experience.  The specialist basically created a cast around my leg to make a mold of it. Then that mold is going to get sent to the headquarters so that they can make a custom brace for me.  Pretty neat!

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