State Champs Pt II

State Champs Pt II

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State’s again? Yup, that’s right. I’m going back up to Oroville again to judge the State Championships, but this time, it’s for the compulsory boys (I was just up there for a training clinic a few weeks back. Click here for the blog).  For some reason they decided to split the optionals and compulsory State meets into two different weekends.  Don’t ask me why.  I just go there to judge.

Anyway, the last couple of months have been rather hectic.  Judging and coaching have been keeping me busy over the weekends, but things should start to slow down a bit after this one.  The only big thing left for me to judge this season is the Regional Championships, which isn’t for another month or so.  I’ve gotta give a lot of credit to the judges though.  Having been judging for the last six years, I can totally say that it takes a lot of work.  After all, we have to be focused the entire 3 hours of each session, and there’s normally about 3 sessions a day, and on both, Saturdays and Sundays.  Don’t take me wrong though, we all do it because we love the sport, but it’s definitely something that I never realized until I started judging myself.  What do you think judges do when we get tired in between sessions?  We sleep (I won’t reveal who’s sleeping but take a look at the pic below)!

What Judges Do In Between Sessions

Aside from judging, I’ve been busy keeping up with my physical therapy.  I’m working hard so that I can finally get the green light to go full blast when I see the doc in two weeks.  It’s an excruciatingly slow process but slowly but surely, my left leg is getting a lot closer to my right, both, in terms of size and strength.  After I get the “thumbs up,” it’s go time, all the way up to US Nationals in the summer!

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