State Qualifiers Weekend

State Qualifiers Weekend

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Just got back from a weekend of judging in San Luis Obispo.  Although it was quite a trek down (3.5 hours), it was exciting since it was my first time to go down to SLO.  I have to give a lot of respect for all the parents down there that come up to the Bay Area for all the meets during the season.  This goes for all the parents north of all the major gyms and inland.  It’s a huge commitment and I hope the kids can understand how much work it is to be a gym parent.

Anyway, the weekend went well.  The purpose of this meet was to give the kids another shot at qualifying for the State Championships.  The other option was to get a qualifying score twice during the course of the regular season, but for those that couldn’t get the score, this was another opportunity to make it in.  The kids will have a weekend off and then it’s States the following weekend.

Aside from the meet, I was able to play the tourist.  I walked around downtown for a bit and one of my coach friends took me out on a little tour of Pismo Beach.  It’s definitely got a Santa Cruz vibe to it.  Overall had a great time out there and even had one of the best clam chowders ever!  Pics below:

Splash Cafe - Went early but was already really crowded. Apparently it's a super popular spot down in Pismo.

Ridiculously good clam chowder in bread bowl! From what I heard Pismo is the "Clam Capital of the World!"

Cloudy day but still beautiful. Bet it's super nice in the summer!

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