Staying Healthy is Half the Battle...

Staying Healthy is Half the Battle…

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As they always say, staying healthy is just as important as training hard. I’ve known many talented athletes that had to retire or couldn’t compete to their full potential because of injuries.  It’s tough but that’s the way it goes…

You can’t predict when injuries happen either.  But there are things you could do to prevent or keep that injuries that you have in check.  Staying on top of the condition of your body and working with physical therapists are vital to performing at the highest level.  While I was a college student, this wasn’t such a big deal.  I had full access to the physical therapist and doctors whenever I wanted (yes, NCAA athletes are spoiled in that sense). Now that I’m out of college and I’m on my own, the situation is a bit different.

However, I recently reconnected with an old friend of mine that used to work at Stanford as a PT (physical therapist) while I was a student there.  The PT, who’s name is Jacon, opened up his own clinic called ESPT a few years ago.  He’s been treating a ton of very successful athletes since he opened his doors.  He’s got a ton of experience under his belt and understands the needs of the athletes that take part in various sports.  Luckily my knee is feeling great (it’s been about a year and a half since surgery) but I know I’ll need his help with my regular aches and pains.  I’m very fortunate to have Jacon on my side as I continue about this journey of mine!

My PT, Jacon Chun!

For all of you in the Bay Area needing some help in physical therapy, Jacon is the man to go to!  Check out his site here!

Elite Sport Therapy in Fremont, CA!

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