Training/Rehab Update

Some quick updates about my training and recovery process.  I had a feeling that by all the talks about coaching and judging, people were starting to think that I wasn’t working out.

Definitely not true.  In fact, I’ve been continuing with my physical therapy 3x/week and have been training regularly.  With being in physical therapy for 2 hours a day, and then going to practice all in the same day, my body is taking a beating.  Still, I’m thankful that I’m in such a great environment, and I’m looking forward to coming back strong in time summer.

In terms of clearance to do everything, I haven’t gotten the green light just yet.  I’ll be seeing the doc again in about 3-4 weeks.  I believe at that point, the doctor will size me up for a brace and will clear me to do everything under the condition that i will wear the brace when doing anything risky.

Just heard that Ivana Hong (member of the US women’s team and World Medalist in 2009) just recently tore her ACL.  I totally feel for her and wish for a speedy recovery.  If only gymnastics didn’t involve injuries…but what is sports without injuries and coming back stronger, right?  It’s definitely all part of the process.

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